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1.A highly concentrated fluid made up mostly of apples and water.
2. The official drink of the Converse Cult.
3. A saying that is used in great happiness or angst. (What, Karyn?????)
1. I am drinking some apple juice.

2. Apple juice. Nuff said.

3. Apple JUICE!!!!!!
by BridgeIt August 16, 2005
46 43
one of the many nicknames used by girls so she can talk to her bestfriend about the boy she likes right in front of him.. without him knowing she likes him.
Gianna : "omg apple juice is so hot"
by the1thatneverlies October 14, 2011
12 10
Coors lite. when you drink it just right, it tastes exactly like... apple juice.
'i could go for some apple juice.'
by boogiegirl90 August 17, 2008
17 21
On an Apple computer the 'Ctrl' button is the 'Apple' button. The command for 'print' is 'Apple P'. When you print something off the computer, you make it real and tangible, just like rotten apples are turned into apple juice. Thus, 'Applejuice' is slang for printing a page off of the computer. It is also used as slang for creating something or making something happen.
"Applejuice those documents I sent you, okay?"

"I need to applejuice something for my mom for Christmas."

"You gotta applejuice something in your life!"
by shadowyxgold December 28, 2007
4 12
slang term for beer used at RWU
"Dude I need some more applejuice in my helmet"
by Lindsay June 14, 2004
9 19
The specimen provided for a piss test or drug test; from the color of the piss in the cup.
"What were you doing at Labcorp?"
"Dropping off my apple juice."
by Dodger Of Zion March 03, 2008
19 33
A term fixed for virginity.
Jillian: She actually lost her apple juice to Tim last night at that party!

Willow: Holy crap did she really? I'd have thought she'd have lost it to that guy she was dating last month!
by Niliac July 31, 2009
7 33