Apple products are poor in quality.

In more "Apple-user Friendly" words: They do not last long & are a waste of money that you could be using on more efficient products that will NOT piss you off repeatedly in a matter of seconds because of their horrible manufacturing & overall package.
Only idiots buy Apple Products because once they break or prove their inadequacy, the idiots go back to the store to waste another wad of cash on even more unsuitable technology.
by Windows & Linux User September 03, 2008
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Outdated technology with a fresh coat of paint on it, used by: elders, morons, white girls, and people who are too lazy to do any research on anything besides masturbation techniques and Jordan sneakers. People who have apple products MUST call them by name, because if you call an iphone a phone, the world ends.
Annoying bitch: "Let me get my Iphone out of my 2014 Ford fusion right next to my Ipad air, my iphone is one of my favorite apple products".
Me: Its called a phone, a car, and a tablet. Now shut the fuck up.
by bitchesondeck August 11, 2014

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