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A day described by MesoAmerican culture that occurs every 52 years. this can be best explained by the end of the Aztecs in 1519. Ten years prior, there had been eight warning signs documented by the respected statesmen named Tzihuacpopoca. The following were reported in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital:
1. A comet appeared in the sky during the day.
2. A pillar of fire (possibly the comet) appeared in the night sky.
3. The temple of Huitzilopochtli was destroyed by fire.
4. A bolt of lightning struck the Tzonmolco temple.
5. Tenochtitlan was flooded.
6. Strange people with many heads but one body were seen walking through that city.
7. A woman was heard weeping a dirge for the Aztecs. (possible the fabled La Llorona)
8.A strange bird was caught. When Moctezuma looked into its mirror-like eyes, he saw unfamiliar men landing on the coast.

So what you say? well 52 years earlier Henry VII, who killed so many people, was born. The event every 52 years is known as the Tying of Years. The next Tying of Years is 2029. Personally i dont believe in any of it, but it is an extraordinary sequence of coincedences. In 1977, however, Mount Nyiragongo in Zaire erupted, killing slews of people in surrounding villages. Also a lesser note, snow fell in Miami in 1977, awkward. The Tying of Years is described in the writings of Xyochtolocan as follows: "When the coupling of great years and then some rounds(great year = 22 years) there will be suffering, a string of events that will bring the Earth as we know it to its knees, every period of the time described, bringing the world to the very brink of the apocolypse."

Some say the Mayan calander ends in 2012, which is an undisputed fact. The Mayans were basically the Aztecs and declined in 1519, the same time the Aztecs did when Hernan Cortez invaded. Same religion also, the mesoamerican spinoff. What i dont understand is that if the world will end in 2012, why isnt this one of the 52 year increments? if it goes 1977 - 2029 - 2081 and so on, then there must not be a very serious slew of events occuring in 2012.

The universe will probably end in another 18-20 billion years, due to one of the following.

If the big bang theory holds true, we will eventually coast back towards the point of creation and be recompacted back into a single molecule. sucks to live in the year 18,000,002,005 huh?

Or if there was some other way we were created, Earth will probably be engulfed by the sun. call me crazy, but scientists have theorisized that the earth and all of the planets are slowly coasting towards the sun, due to the suns gravitational pull. This isnt a result of the big bang if it happened, because Andromeda (52,000,000 light years away M32 closest galaxy, supports life) and its planets are not moving towards its sun. Andromeda's sun is also much dimmer, but the 5 planets of Andromeda are much closer to the sun, so all of them could support life. So eventually, we will either be

A) Compressed into an atom. Sorry, thats just the way its gotta go down.

B) Roasted alive by our beautiful sun

C) If the Mayan theory is right, which i just disproved, we will be over run by evil men, implode, burn alive, the dead will walk the earth, a large battle will erupt on the charred remnants of earth, and eventually the world will be ruled by just one man, described as "Dressed in black with dark hair, fair skinned."

You choose, but if i had to put my money on anything, i would say B.
I hope i live to see 26 (i turn 26 in 2012, the apocalypse) :P
by Corbyn December 19, 2005
The idea of complete and utter destruction of reality as we know it. which isnt to far fetched in the world we live in today. either were going to blow our asses apart with the way to many nuclear and hydrogen bombs that everybody has. or the mayan prediction will come true. Also some believe in the Metalocalypse which is the ending of reality by the means of Metal, Mainly by the band Dethklok. I honestly dont believe in an apolcalypse. I believe we are killing ourselves but the human race is so stuck up that were going to blame it on other things, like global warming, or an apocolypse, but in reality its gonna be us that brings the end of all things
Scientist 1-I have completed a bomb that can blow up half the world and cause an Apocalypse

Scientist 2-lets use it on some country that we dont even have a reason for fighting.
by Mr. Satan666 October 19, 2009
the day that george bush gets reelected, so i guess the apocalypse has already happened
a monkey being reelected? how can so many people be so stupid?
by clevelandsteamer August 17, 2005
So when's does the apocalypse start?

It started the moment Tumblr was created.
by slimeya March 06, 2013
Something some one in the bible times made up because he was drunk with his buddies and they dared him to write it in the bible hence the great apocalypse
Josh-bru I heard that its the apocalypse tomorrow! Steve-foreal bru! Let's finish this weed then. Josh-die high sounds like a plan bru
by jesus182 May 21, 2011
Something that will never happen while all of us are alive.
Don't believe people who scare you into thinking of the apocalypse happening anytime soon.
by A Little Pinprick July 30, 2006
the ugliest girl you know
Wow look at the apocalypse sitting next to me
by MEGZ 222 September 06, 2010
1. When the retarded and pathetic efforts set forth by humanity are ended.
Dude, when's the apocalypse coming?

According to my calculations, in 6 minutes.

I can't wait man...
by idonthavaname July 29, 2006

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