The summit of anything.
The apex of the meeting was the final debate question amongst the main linguists.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
Top Definition
Located in North Carolina; home of the Cougars, the Cougar Crazies, & Bojangles. The high school hosts mostly rednecks,jocks, stoners, & hot cheerleaders but with some miscellaneous bmw/mercedes drivers because of it's close border with Cary. The guys are mostly jerks with the ultimate goal of trying to sleep with every hot girl (with the exception of a few actually chill guys) and the girls know how to have fun and party hard. This is not to be TOO confused with freak. Also, it's the "Peak of Good Living."
Apex has too many field parties.

Only Apex can reach The Peak.
by Bazzle March 06, 2005
The highest point, the vertex; the point of culmination. Used as an adjective to express immense approval (Apex is the highest praise that can be given to anything, ever.)
Jesibelle: "Have you seen my new ballon?"
Orwell: "That is totally apex!"
by SamuraiMole December 16, 2003
The act of aggressively pursuing one of the preferred sex. In the same way that an apex predator will viciously stalk and attack its prey. Often times without the target being aware.
John: "Did you see the way Maria was all over Mike last night?!"
Fred: "Yeah! I felt like she came out of no-where, and she had him the whole night!"
John: "She definitely apexed him."

Aaron: "Hey man did you see that smoking hot girl walk in!"
Bill: "Yeah! She is so fine!"
Aaron: "Im gonna apex that chick!"
by jjeegg February 10, 2014
A graphical language used in Arcane Empires App game on the Swift5 server. Born of necessity due to a game bug allowing a specific user to only use specific touch keyboard non-alpha keys.
Apex sucks cuz I can't read that sh**!

]= |_| | '|' $ @ ]3 |_| (_,
by MuteToy1 March 25, 2013
The term is vital in geometry and physics, especially in the case of triangles. By taking advantage of the apex of a triangle, one can facilitate greater ease in overcoming friction without the need of adding greater ball bearings. The asperities are reduced. This creates better results, and as Asa Kalama might say, "IT'S TRIBOLOGY!!!!"
My Intel Dual Core Quantum Processors Version 3.16 only supplied 2.19 mgHz of speed, but when I added in a video chip with triple ball bearings which utilized the apex of the triangle, the processor sped up to 9.124 gHz!
by StephenHawking263 July 08, 2011
1. Another word for 'out of style'.

2. Can also be used for telling some one to 'get with the times'.
Guy 1) "Hey dude! Like my afro pick??
Guy 2) "'s kinda a-pex man....

Guy 1) Wanna get some ice cream?
Guy 2) Nah man, that's a-pex. Let's get some Pinkberry. Ya dig?

Guy 1) Hey guys! Like my suspenders?
Guy 2) Maaan! Get a-pex fool!

by aginghipsta101 February 04, 2009
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