to hit with a sharp blow of the fist, typically in the face/head area.
watch out or I'll apex you in the face


whoa did you see Shane apex that guy?
by hrsy April 08, 2006
Apex, As in 'something short and blonde', something that should be 'nicer to its boyfriend'. Something that is in danger of being eaten by a beast.
'Woah Y.N don't be so apex or that beast will eat you.'
Careful man being so apex could annoy sam.'
by Barrron February 26, 2008
Apex a town in north carolina that sucks its as bad as it can possibly be and filled with a bunch of hicks that eat bojangles all day
i cant wait until i get the hell out of apex so i can move back to newyork were it doesnt blow and actually has things to do
by Ny 4 life October 08, 2007
when a girl has her legs together, there should be a space right under her ass, above her thighs, in the shape of an A. Easy way to tell she is skinny and not carrying baggage under those jeans.
Dude, look at the apex on that scally wap.

Yea, I'd smash it.
by markoman May 25, 2005
City right outside of Cary that is slowly being absorbed by the "town", it is home to a growing population of mexicans and yankees, and a few natives that have survived annexation. Many rich yankees refer to this void of entertainement as the "rectum of Cary."
Stop NC Annexation so i dont get evicted from Apex.
by The Red Scare June 27, 2005
The EXTREMELY boring small town that is turning into suburbia in North Carolina, about 15-20 minutes from Raleigh. IT SUCKS, I HATE IT HERE. Everyone under 40 hates it here and wants nothing more than to leave. It is half bojangles eatin' redneck hicks, and half Suburban yuppi shitheads.
I have less than two years before I leave Apex and go to college back to New York State. I'm counting the days.
by Nickpk September 02, 2005

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