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This is a french name taken over by black men. This guy is the shit. You want to grab his coat tail when you see him and hang on tight because you know he is going to the top. Doesn't stand out in a crowd, but once you find him, you know you have a winner. As rare as a two headed unicorn.
Antwan? Is he from France? Naw that's Antwan from the hood. He has a good job and a credit score over 700!
by Black80 January 09, 2011
No one use this name because its so rare. Antwan is so smart, clever and so nice to other people. He get girl out of nowhere in school, club and etc. He mostly skinny, a bit tall and handsome. this guy is so amazing.
OMG! Is that Antwan
by ThatGirl654 October 02, 2013
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