stands for "aint no thang" meaning its not a big deal. usually used when joking around with friends.
yeah i just climbed up a mountain all by myself, ANT
by shannondeezy December 03, 2010
Aint No Talking.
when that thang starts ejecting A.N.T.
by pseudonym1224 March 21, 2010
"Almost Nuclear Tiny Salutes," miniature M-80 brand firecrackers that can really pack a punch. Provides in dual roles to:
1.)Entertain your family and friends by creating an explosion.
2.)Annoy the hell out of your 70 year old neighbors.
"Look at our son lighting those ANTS out in the backyard, do you think he knows what he's doing?"

"There isn't much to it really honey, you just light the wick, and throw it into the Jenkins' lawn."
by PudPieBoy September 13, 2008
Doing nothing productive, drinking, carrying on, anting
Man, Starkey is really anting today.
by antropolis October 08, 2011
They way southern american people say aunt.
Southern : Hey my ant is coming over today.
Me : Your what is coming over?
Southern : My ant!
Me : What?!
Southern : Uhm......Aunt!
Me : -facepalm- Could've just said that!
by iLiveInSouthCarolina April 22, 2011
(n.) Someone who has no charm, and is a perfect worker. Works for shit money in any job and never complains. Charactorless and un-noticed. Most of you, then.
You and your ant family are mine.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
ass and titties
I licked her a.n.ts
by Pussy licker November 14, 2003

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