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The most incredible guy who has ever lived. He is sweet, sexy, handsome incredibly funny and charming and the most caring and loving and giving person. He has many friends cuz he has such a great personality and everyone likes him. He attracts people to him. Anto has a good sense of humour and likes to joke around, but he has a serious side too so even though he's a nice guy, don't f*** with him cuz he'll f*** u up. He also smells soooo good all the time!
Anto is the best
by chinadoll369 February 03, 2010
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One of the Dublin famous Duo 'Moe and Anto' of . With long blonde hair and bright blue eyes he'll charm you, disarm you, then seduce and alarm you. Well known throughout Dublin’s social circles, Anto is a curious compilation of wit, style and sexual appeal. When he's not partying with Moe or ripping up dublin with his free walking skills he can usually be found at home or chilaxing at Saffies house.
Girl 1: "Who is that charming character over there tricking it up on the dance floor? The sex was so fantastic that I compleatly forgot to get his name!"
Girl 2: You must be talking about Anto.
by Sexybiach March 22, 2005
An anto is a person who deliberately says or does the opposite of you just to piss you off. These people rarely make it far in life and tend to have little to no friends
"Did he just say he likes dick over pussy, hes not even gay"
"Yeah he just said that because hes an anto"
by undispute April 29, 2008
Antos-A breed of sexy intelligent male that are to be revered and highly respected
'Oh that Antos kid is just my idol, and he smells of oldspice'
by TheProphet123 July 01, 2012
a physical condition in which a woman, or man, is quite short with large breasts
If fetus had tits, we could call him an "anto."
by Ziggy Ziggleworth October 26, 2006

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