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It's a name of a Greek goddess. People with this name are usually very pretty and loud af.
Oh have you ever met that girl "Antigone"?
by Talkback crew July 15, 2015
A women who has a nice drivers license photograph and is intreged with phallic objects, she also enjoys Norfolk pines.
Antigone is talking about penis' again.
by hotlips89 December 01, 2009
Someone or something that is/has not gone or that does not want to be gone.
1. He is an antigone; he always interferes in a conversation because he doesn't want to be left (gone).

2. This box is an antigone so that no one can move it.
by jcicwibldyv March 08, 2009
Some one who does not like going away from a person/conversation.
I knew thing Antigone- he didnt leave my side for 3 days- he left on the last day because he somehow (*mysteriously*) was murdered. (^_^)
by Sabian June 02, 2004
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