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Opposite to culture.
Anticulture can be anything that is popular amoung the minority.
Most peole see graffiti as vandalism, yet it is an art in the anticulture.
by i r JAMES. February 01, 2009
Anti Culture is very different from Counter Culture.
Counter Culture is against the previous generation, Anti Culture is against ANY gerneration. People who are 'badass' kids, are conforming to what other kids say they should be. Anti Culture is true freedom.

Someone who belives in it is called an Acer (comes from Ace, which comes from AC , which comes from Anti Culture).
Acer's the wave of the future.
Youre damn right Im an acer.
by Chuck e November 09, 2003
The term "anti-culture" describes the group (referred to as cults) that have no culture whatsoever and therefore latch on to what is.

This creates a need to become dependant on each other, needing validation, resulting in one individual.
bob bobbington: wow! fred, you are so original.

fred freddly: yeh i know, yesterday i went to a hard core rock club for 12-17 year olds and they played green day. green day rock!!

bob bobbington: wow, you are so cool. hardly anyone listens to green day apart from me.

fred freddly: I have bought the latest album.

bob bobbington: as have i.

fred freddly: i'm bored of it now

bob bobbington: me too... oo look system of a down just brought out an album, let us cheapen the value of their real fans and become obsessed for the pure sake of it.

fred freddly: yay! this is my fave pastime.

non-cult person: you have no individuality!

fred freddly: we are so individual, your just emo!

(variation of actual discussion)
see emo anti culture
by Kim/Norma/Kelly July 07, 2005
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