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The renegade clothing store with black shirts that have anarchy symbols on them.
Hey lets go get some clothes at Abercrombie.
NO WAY! Let's go to Anticrombie, they have much better clothing.
by BackToNormal July 01, 2004
A method or idealogy of going against the fashion line of "Aber-Crombie" due to their asinine and over priced shitty clothes who's primary goal is to make everyone look like clones, turn suburban youth into mindless zombies by stating that wearing these clothes will make you popular.
Prep: Like, oh my god, I love these jeans cuz all my friends wear them too! Why don't you wear these jeans?

Me: Cuz I am Anti-crombie. Screw what you want me to wear.
by Xombie March 25, 2008
anti-fag clothing
best clothing line in the world.
prep : i love abercrombie &fitch

me : fuck that gay ass shit, i wear anticrombie & bitch
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
The anti-preppiness mindset.
Dude, she is so anticrombie. You'll never see her with a friggin $80 pair of jeans.
by ShakespeareNinja December 24, 2004
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