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To become sick and tired of the war in beliefs between the theologies and the atheists and decide that neither side is right and are fighting over such unimportant stuff that they are all idiots
"You know what, I see these Christians, Muslims, Jews and Atheists all fighting over whether god exists or not that they are both wrong, because in the end, it just does not matter, anti-ism is the way for me."
#god #atheism #religion #belief #chaos #freedom
by Hunter Rose December 22, 2007
1. A contradictory stance taken simply to contradict.
2. Someone who stands against positive ideas simply because he or she hates the people who believe in the idea, and not necessarily the idea itself.
3. The impediment of any form of truth or positivity simply out of spite, hatred, ignorance, fear, or anger.
Guy: Did you hear that sexist/racist/ignorant/fearful/hateful fucker? He just wants something to respond to so he can express some hate or fear or whatever the hell he is!

Guy2: Yeah, I know. He's anti-ism.
#evil #contradictory #reactionary #republican #ignorance #hatred
by Johnny Anonymous December 06, 2006
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