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One who has a lodged hatred of certain people, places, companies, etc. without question. They disregard every single thing in the sub groups of these articles as crap.
"I hate Sega! I hate all their games and consoles!"
"What an anti-fanboy..."
by Vincent de Large September 19, 2005
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Somebody who hates a certain thing (usually something that has to do with videogames) for no apparent reasons, and will not listen to logic. Super annoying, and can be worse than an actual fanboy.
Guy #1: Well, the Xbox 360 does have Netfl...
Guy #2: Oh, you mean Netass? Anything associated with the Xbox 360 sucks, and if you like it you're a faggot.
Guy #1: Anti-fanboy.
by LegendarySandwich September 11, 2009
A Computer geek that sits all day on his ass,telling things to people for no reason,aTroll,a person who has no life

Mostly found on Youtube
gamer:I hate those pathetic anti-fanboys.

Anti-Fanboy: STFU ,i pwned you,ha ha
by Willony65 June 07, 2007

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