To fuck the world and be original
Fool: I'm a swag bank!
Antiswagitist: To hells with that!Antiswag like a boss!
by Antiswagitism February 29, 2012
Top Definition
the complete and 100% opposite of swag. Anti Swag can be used in the form of an action, someone's swag level, or someone's persona. (Identical to the usage of swag). Used to describe any of these forms, while they are the opposite of swag.
Daniel: hey Kat can you give me a handjob?

Kat: ew no.

Daniel: wow that was fucking anti swag.
by D-Sid May 01, 2011
Simply the opposite of swag. Typically used when describing something that would taken away from or complete reverse your swag. Also used to describe undesirable situations.
Man 1: That jacket is so uglyyyyy.

Man 2: Yea that's anti swag right dehr.

Man 1: Scarlet Johansson nude pics!! SWAG.

Man 2: Yea but there blurred on that website = Anti-swag...
by JKILLAH44 September 20, 2011

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