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A gorgeous, amazing, stunning person with millions of friends and who is super smart. She doesn't do well at sports, but she tries her best. She never has a lot of luck with boys, but she doesn't mind because she has so many amazing friends. Always take good care of an Anoushka, she's one of a kind.
That girl is amazing!!! She's such an Anoushka!
by iluvglee12 November 02, 2010
The baby girl name Anoushka comes from the Indian word which means, "A term of endearment (Russian Name), fulfilment of desire." Hindu word which means, "Grace, Favoured one, endearment, lightning, fulfilment of desire with intelligence.." Unknown word which means, "affection ; love." Hebrew word which means, "Grace."

Someone also suggested the name is an Sanskrit word which means, "one who fulfills, aspires and dreams." Russian word which means, "Princess." Persian word which means, "Gift of love."
the one who loves a lot. anoushka
by panks November 04, 2011
A awesome, stylish girl with a bunch of friends. She is awesomely good at sports, especially soccer. Has a lot of luck with boys and always has her way. Nothing gets in the way of her studies cuz she is an A+ student
Wow, I wish i was an Anoushka!
by cutiecuputie January 31, 2015
One of the hottest people you know, with long legs that go on for miles and wide eyes. She is super smart and is good at sports too. She doesn't have a good sense of humor but is really fun to be around... Especially at parties! She has a lot of luck with the guys and has so many friends. However she is a bit stubborn .
Damn that girls legs like an Anoushka!
by Werockforlife23 August 19, 2016
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