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the best looking girl that could possibly be alive today; the cutest girl in high school or maybe the world !!!; a good friend; an outgoing girl; a kool girl
You're a real vina, because you're always so fun to be with =].
by omega April 12, 2005
A magnificent human being molded into perfection.
You are so lucky! You are such a Vina.
by Walla_Walla April 12, 2005
You can say ANYTHING to Vina. She understands real pain. She is very fun. Vina is the greatest asian in the world. She doesn't take bull crap. She is one of the nicest people anywill ever meet. She is one of the most beautiful people on earth. Indside and out. And she won't let people say said isn't. Vina is one of the most real... people anyone will know. Her smile is real. And she doesn't over load make up and she isn't a slut. She hates sluts. Vina should be a Couslier beacause she knows and understands how people feel. And can actually change lives. Even save lives. She has alot of friends. And if she has enimys that only means she stands up for herself. And her friends.
Wow, I love Vina! She`s so understanding and is a real optimist!
by tuna_asian June 07, 2011
The most beautiful, amazing, loving girl you will ever meet. You'll never get tired of her and stick with her as long as she'll keep you and its impossible to not fall in love with her.
Wow your amazing no wonder your named Vina!
by Kentucky 1999 February 22, 2015
Local name for "sausage", used in the region of Curitiba (Paraná State, Brazil). This term comes from the word Wienerwurst, the type of sausage that the polish an german immigrants used to eat.
Vou comer uma vina. (I'm going to eat a vina)
by O Sul é o Meu País March 25, 2010
Short form for Vietnam or Viet Nam.

Takes the first two letters of "Viet" and "Nam" to make "Vina"
Person A: Where are you from?
Person B: I'm from Vina.
by J][a]Qu[y November 14, 2007
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