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1. A song by the band Queen.
2. A phrase that, when backmasked, vaguely resembles the phrase "It's fun to smoke marijuana."
3. An event such as a death or an injury.
(someone twists their ankle)
"Another one bites the dust!"
by AgentViper February 22, 2008
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When shit goes wrong.
person a: another one bites the dust.
by SEPASSSS December 23, 2009
1) A song by Queen
2) The same thing happening to a lot of people
Example 1:
Person A: Another One Bites The Dust fucking amazing!

Person B: Yeah it is! One of Queens best songs ever
Example 2:

Person A: Remember how nice she used to be before she joined the "populars"
Person B:Yeah, Another one bites the dust😔
by RaybandRiri June 23, 2013
damn prick, that's total bullshit. try REALLY listening to it backwards, what you hear as "it's fun to smoke marijuana" actually sounds like
"iss fu sma blaya mama"

I'd normally post my usual song stuff here, but i'm too damn lazy today. was written by queen, queen pwns, 1980, blah blah blah. i'm tired.

very crappily remade by wyclef jean, rappers are the devil. don't buy queen greatest hits 3, it's crap, buy queen rocks, instead.
steve walks warily down the street
his brim pulled way down low
aint no sound but the sound of his feet
machine guns ready to go.
are you ready, hey?
are you ready for this?
are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
out of the dorway the bullets rip,
repeat to the sound of the beat.

i'm too damn lazy to continue.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 07, 2004
The chorus to a popular song by Queen. Fun to listen to backwards, just as Stairway to Heaven is.
Another one bites the dust = It's fun to smoke Marijuana
by Colororangey June 08, 2004

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