AnonTalk is a semi-anonymous bulletin board, with a Sysop that censors any post that criticizes him or AnonTalk, or any post with a spelling error or meme, even for comedic effect. Sysop does not have a sense of humor, and is a total hypocrite, saying he hates /b/, spamming it nonsensically with advertisements saying that /b/ is for retards and that they should come to AnonTalk, and then being a whiny faggot when /b/ spams back.

AnonTalk is semi-anonymous. Sysop assigns each poster a letter, ensuring that everyone knows exactly who you are, though it's a relative identity rather than an absolute identity (Poster B versus

He censors any post with 4chan in it, replacing it with "Retardchan", thus imposing his fail onto others. Sysop also allows direct links to CP, resulting in his site being closed down multiple times due to him being a retard and most likely fapping to the CP that was posted when he should have been moderating his board.

In other words, this is a cesspool of pedophiles. Please visit 4chan instead, where the mods are smart enough to delete CP so that their site isn't closed down.
Hey, AnonTalk sure is full of faggots, eh?
by An Anontalk Poster June 12, 2009
Top Definition
A sad pedophile nerd message board. It tries to be a 4chan ripoff but is way too slow. The admin is a real douche and requires asinine things like proper capitalization and correct spelling when posting about molesting little girls and boys.
Dude you better clear anontalk out of your browser history. It's probably a honeypot run by the FBI to catch pedos.
by truthseeker112 June 12, 2009
A text-board "Anonymous" forum, in which any form of critical argument against paedophilia or the Sysop, or even any references to Anonymous culture (memes and shit), will gain you a silent censorship and a ban. Any form of grammar that the Sysop doesn't agree with is also removed. The discussion of paedophilia is actively encouraged and any form of ant-pedo shit is considered trolling and thus you get a ban. All it's members are the result of spamming imageboards, and any reference to the imageboards in question results in a ban. Anything that might be considered better than AnonTalk is spammed with CP then reported, by Sysop. Over there, when ever the Sysops is right he is right, whenever he is wrong, he is also right.
Anonymous A: Lets leave AnonTalk and go to AnotherTalk
Anonymous B: Yeah, AnonTalks Sysop is a total douche-bag.
by Anonlolxta October 09, 2009
A website full of pedophiles who talk about raping children run by the internet's biggest pedophile, "sysop", IRL name Kimmo Alm(also known as Sweden's biggest mistake). As if 4chan wasn't broken enough, Kimmo has brought it upon himself to destroy /b/ even more by flooding it with spam and threatening moot with all sorts of bullshit.

They claim to be anonymous, but they aren't at all. Basically, Kimmo will allow you to post anything, as long as it's grammatically correct, spelled correctly, doesn't disparage his pedo tendencies, disparage him, or mention "4chan", "anon", or "/b/". Oh yeah, meme talk is illegal there also.

In other words, stay away. As has been said, it's probably being watched by the FBI.
An example of AnonTalk's spam:

when you're done being a worthless chantard"

Person 1: "Dude, did you hear about this AnonTalk website?"
Person 2: "Oh god stay off of there! It's full of pedos and sick fucks."
by lancelot323 April 02, 2010 is an anonymous online BBS. It's main attractions are being able to talk about anything you want, completely anonymously, pseudo-free of censorship. Sysop will delete poorly written topics/posts, any posts containing memes, any repeated content, off-topic replies, etc. They try to maintain a high level of conversation quality. Registration isn't allowed, but you are assigned an internal ID that you are recommended to keep consistent.
Hey, how much longer are you going to waste your life on AnonTalk?
by Queue3 June 09, 2009
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