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A website full of pedophiles who talk about raping children run by the internet's biggest pedophile, "sysop", IRL name Kimmo Alm(also known as Sweden's biggest mistake). As if 4chan wasn't broken enough, Kimmo has brought it upon himself to destroy /b/ even more by flooding it with spam and threatening moot with all sorts of bullshit.

They claim to be anonymous, but they aren't at all. Basically, Kimmo will allow you to post anything, as long as it's grammatically correct, spelled correctly, doesn't disparage his pedo tendencies, disparage him, or mention "4chan", "anon", or "/b/". Oh yeah, meme talk is illegal there also.

In other words, stay away. As has been said, it's probably being watched by the FBI.
An example of AnonTalk's spam:

when you're done being a worthless chantard"

Person 1: "Dude, did you hear about this AnonTalk website?"
Person 2: "Oh god stay off of there! It's full of pedos and sick fucks."
by lancelot323 April 02, 2010
The insanity that occurs in the general public when frozen flake-shaped water is predicted to fall from the sky. Normally, the correct response when hearing about snow is to drive immediately to your nearest grocery store and buy 400 gallons of water and enough milk, bread, and eggs to feed a small sovereign nation, because obviously 1/4 inch of snow equals the next 100,0000-year-long ice age, and obviously with the glaciers ringing your doorbell, you won't be able to go anywhere!

Snow hysteria is a common occurence in Texas; has been known to be spotted elsewhere (New Jersey & Pennsylvania specifically).
Person 1: Jesus, why does this supermarket look like Times Square on NYE?
Person 2: Oh, they predicted 1/4 inch of snow, thus the snow hysteria.
by lancelot323 January 03, 2009
A mode of online gaming that allows players to have full control over their online characters, for example to fight each other instead of going down a pre-determined path. Stands for "Player vs Player".

Also, a long-running webcomic found at pvponline.com; written and illustrated by Scott Kurtz.
If you are on a PvP server, don't complain when some guy named "Left Nutz" kills you and takes your stuff.

"Did you read yesterday's PvP? Brent is such a douche!"
by lancelot323 February 28, 2009
Progressive rock band that started in 1968 and is still recording today. Founded by frontman Ian Anderson (and last remaining original member), they are truely the best goddamned band EVER.

Famous for songs like "Aqualung", "Teacher", "Cross-eyed Mary" and albums like "Thick as a Brick".
Jethro tull is the greatest band to ever exist.
Ian Anderson: "The flute is a heavy metal instrument!"

Sitting on a Park Bench...
by lancelot323 April 30, 2007
The name of a Bill Engvall album; originally from a dorky-looking fish from The id Software series "Commander Keen". Also made appearences in the Quake series of PC games.
I'm a dorkfish! He caught me on'a corndawg! I was swimmin' in th'ocean, and I saw that corndawg and said "Whatsa corndawg doing in th'ocean?!"
by lancelot323 June 11, 2007
The largest museum in Europe, and for that matter, the world; home to the Winged Victory, the Mona Lisa, and a number of other incredibly well-known works of art.

Also, the largest enclosed space on the face of planet Earth. If you are not careful, it is quite possible to get lost there for days and days without food or water. A tourguide and a map (along with a GPS) are highly recommended.
Person #1: Hey, you went to the Louvre! Did you see the Mona Lisa?
Person #2: Yeah...
Person #1: You sound disappointed.
Person #2: Well, it's really small, and behind 4 feet of bullet-proof glass! You could hardly see it.

Excuse me, sir, but we've been lost here for 4 days and nights without food or water. Please show us the way to the exits.
by lancelot323 January 13, 2009
The main character in a song by the Beatles; a part of a medley of songs on the Abby Road album starting with Sun King.
Mean Mr Mustard, sleeps in the park, shaves in the dark, trying to save paper...
by lancelot323 June 15, 2007

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