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A text-board "Anonymous" forum, in which any form of critical argument against paedophilia or the Sysop, or even any references to Anonymous culture (memes and shit), will gain you a silent censorship and a ban. Any form of grammar that the Sysop doesn't agree with is also removed. The discussion of paedophilia is actively encouraged and any form of ant-pedo shit is considered trolling and thus you get a ban. All it's members are the result of spamming imageboards, and any reference to the imageboards in question results in a ban. Anything that might be considered better than AnonTalk is spammed with CP then reported, by Sysop. Over there, when ever the Sysops is right he is right, whenever he is wrong, he is also right.
Anonymous A: Lets leave AnonTalk and go to AnotherTalk
Anonymous B: Yeah, AnonTalks Sysop is a total douche-bag.
by Anonlolxta October 09, 2009
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