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our anon, which art on /b/
hallowed be thy name
thy *chans come:
thy will be done,
on das internets as it is on /b/.
give us this day our daily meme,
and forgive us our trolling,
as we forgive those who troll against us.
and lead us not into cp;
but deliver us from newfaggotry.
for thine is thy 4chan,
the irony, and the stupidity,
for ever and ever.

by Hawaiian Dicking July 09, 2009
A group of losers who think they're special because they're "anonymous". Popular on the website 4chan.
Don't cross us! We're ANONS! We're such badasses!
by bumbleclot February 16, 2009
Anons is people who proclaim to be part of or suporting the organisation "Anonymous".
"The voice of none is stronger than the voice of one" ~Anonymouse

Anons are people who stand for the freedom of speech, non censorship and the right for privacy on the internet.
Anons, while being anonymouse, seperate them selfs from crowds by wearing a "Guy Fawks mask" covering thire face.
by ThereWereOne January 17, 2012
Also known as "Anonymous benefactor"... Someone who gives gifts on the CB randomly..
If your lucky he might give you expensive items but if your not...
then say hello to starter sandals or strike"cool"/strike starter pants. D:

... I'm not him.... maybe... >;D
Cber1: I keep receiving Starter's sandal last night, It's from an Anonymous benefactor...
CBer2: Anon!
by stay_anonymous September 07, 2009
An internet gang.

The members of this gang are overgrown bullies, who hide behind a clumsy circumstantial ad hominem of "We are on the internet so ethics do not matter" as if the people on the other sides of their computers are not really people.

They will also attempt to excuse their extravagant racism by claiming it is about free speech.

As the gang showcases and discusses things of various interests on their website, it is very easy for recruitment to be done by networking of peers, unwittingly by someone trying to show something "funny" or "cool" to their friends.

This gang has been bullying around the internet unhindered, as their organization is extremely viral and with the nature of their open door website, the entire group could never be held responsible for any one event.
They share the view that the internet is just a playground for them, so they feel they are entitled to do anything they want on it.

They will take over internet forums with their childish unaccountability tactics, trolling and verbal assaults and then j/k. Scaring away any legitimate members that wished to join the community they hijacked.

Other times they will just completely form an entire safe-looking website, where they lure people in so that they can ridicule and rape them mentally. When accused, they claim that you just cant take a joke.

They are not beyond targeting children.


For their own sick, twisted amusement.
If you know a person or people that are fixated on Anon and their website, do everything you can to tear them away from it. Don't let this insanity spread to them.

Anon is pure evil, no matter how many pictures of cute kittens they have amassed.
They will selfishly indulge off anything and everything they can do to make another human being miserable.
They are without fear of reprimand, and fail the basic lesson of higher consciousness; That if you would not like something to be done to oneself, you should not do it to others for the respect that they are a similar entity.

Anon is a cancer, that is compounding the major problems we already have in the world.

Why are we still sitting down and taking their shit?
by Sick of Cancer August 19, 2010
Early English term for "Soon."
I will return anon...
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 28, 2005
A thing that instead of doing you could do much much more with your life.

Anon is an organization run by no one and not cared about by anyone accept the people they wrongfully torment.
Look around you right now if you are in a public area, if you are not just think of your friends. Do you see anyone you think is part of this, could you imagine anyone taking time out of they're busy day to actually look for pron to show to little seven year olds on the computer? If you are anon then look at yourself, couldn't you be doing something better with your time? Like satisfying a lover for example.

So to sum up, anon is a joke, and the best part is, anyone can be anon, but you can easly quit because you have no pride to loose. Nobody knows you so you didn't ruin your reputation or now have one as a quitter, you can pretend like it never happend.
Now though I may get comments slandering my post or sanding threats, such is another part of anon. They take the internet way to seriously, but act childish at the same time. They ruin lives right from their computer, for no friggin' reason.
Did you see that anon video on youtube?
No, I have a life.
by Theinternetisforlovenotwar October 11, 2008