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One of the CB regs in Gaiaonline... a very ... scary person...
CBer1: O hey it's pandemon ;DD
CBer2: Run boy run!
by stay_anonymous September 07, 2009
One of the most well-known CBer along with his other companions army: Pandemon, b a n n 3-d d ...
Uses good grammar and has a way with words.
CBer1: What do vegetables say at church? Lettuce Prey! :DD
CBer2: :|
by stay_anonymous September 07, 2009
- Gaians who posts in the Chatterbox everyday gaiaonline.
- People who has a lot of time to spare.

incomplete list of cb regs...

. Lettuce prey . Pandemon . B A N N 3 D-D . Bawful . iiTehPrince . stripes desu . The_HugePh3nom . Divine Zero . General Boo . Airlaith . Captain Putzbeard . Rinaldi Von Izeburn . iPrinceBel . Tarukikun . Fake Lesbian Crush . Bulbol . 12AD . Enma_ai_oujo . XxOnly_the_fallenxX . Feeds like cancer . Ezuka . Woozey . FULLY EQUIPPED . La Mort De Madame .
GDer: Oh hey, Are you guys newbs? I haven't seen you in the GD before...

CBer: O HAI :D We came from the CB, We post there everyday... we're the chatterbox regs.

GDer: Grrrr...

CBer: 8)
by Stay_anonymous August 30, 2009
D: A tough CBer who has a way with words...
He has a flaming level above 9000 and can exterminate any trollers with only one blow.
CBer1: Look, it's Bawful...
Troller: -runs-
by stay_anonymous September 07, 2009
Also known as "Anonymous benefactor"... Someone who gives gifts on the CB randomly..
If your lucky he might give you expensive items but if your not...
then say hello to starter sandals or strike"cool"/strike starter pants. D:

... I'm not him.... maybe... >;D
Cber1: I keep receiving Starter's sandal last night, It's from an Anonymous benefactor...
CBer2: Anon!
by stay_anonymous September 07, 2009
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