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A thing that instead of doing you could do much much more with your life.

Anon is an organization run by no one and not cared about by anyone accept the people they wrongfully torment.
Look around you right now if you are in a public area, if you are not just think of your friends. Do you see anyone you think is part of this, could you imagine anyone taking time out of they're busy day to actually look for pron to show to little seven year olds on the computer? If you are anon then look at yourself, couldn't you be doing something better with your time? Like satisfying a lover for example.

So to sum up, anon is a joke, and the best part is, anyone can be anon, but you can easly quit because you have no pride to loose. Nobody knows you so you didn't ruin your reputation or now have one as a quitter, you can pretend like it never happend.
Now though I may get comments slandering my post or sanding threats, such is another part of anon. They take the internet way to seriously, but act childish at the same time. They ruin lives right from their computer, for no friggin' reason.
Did you see that anon video on youtube?
No, I have a life.
by Theinternetisforlovenotwar October 11, 2008

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