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1.) Very beautiful and loving person; passionate and worthy of much trust and praise.
2.) Extremely intelligent
3.) Intriguing

Synonyms: Amazing, Extraordinary

1.) To excite or invigorate (a person, for example) with a stimulant.
The view of the bright blue sky and clouds was so annelise.

Seeing the whole world from on top of the mountain, nothing seemed more annelise.

Dang you got a 104 on that test, you Annelised that shit!
by JeG85 March 29, 2009
She is a very sexy beautiful women and very rare to find. And when you do find her keep her forever. Gorgeous defined classic face and structure that would put any other women to shame, never underestimate the power of her gaze because its enchanting and will leave you wanting more even if its just a passing glance. Long sexy legs with an amazing figure and curves in all the right places. One of a kind girl who is hilarious and could make anyone laugh. Everyone wants to be her friend and get to know her. Deeper mind than most and THE icon for women everywhere.
When she walked in the room everyone thought she was almost as amazing as Annelise.
by xootinkooxlove April 28, 2009
What there parents name there kid so that they can have the name anal
Anal past the salt, I mean Annelise
by Defition deliver4 June 25, 2015
a girl who is very emotinal, and has a tendancy to get raped by the same sex.

2. someone who is often very horny, and spazztastic.
"whoa! your such an annelise"

"that reminds me, lets go get drunk and act like an annelise"
by jillian_yourlover February 06, 2008
(Noun) a person who pretends to get baked, trys to get drunk and acts very slutty
(Vrb)a person who is extremely hot, yet cannot get some
"what a fake, reminds me of Annelise"
"Ooo, that Anna got dumped by the dork"
"wanna go anna"
by poarchmonkey March 30, 2007

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