Anne: a Gorgeous woman who is great at everything she does.
did you see the new Climbing Magazine? That hot cranking babe is such an Anne"
by mtnneer29028 February 04, 2010
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1)Vivacious, lively, wild.
2) Holds an audience in her clutches with her emphatic gestures, storytelling and sassiness.
What an Anne.

No one can do can do it like an Anne can.
by hee hee.. gotcha back February 04, 2010
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Anne is a loving person. She is a sexy women who can be emotional at times but is always supportive of her friends. Anne is a person who loves to laugh and have fun. She is not shy in the least bit, always energetic, and always having fun. Anne is a person who you can count on to make you feel better, she is the ray of light in a never-ending thunder storm. Anne is a girl who loves photography and always taking pictures of herself and other people. She is very photogenic in her pictures and she never fails to look the best in them all. Anne's are great friends of a Tyler and they are lucky to be friends with Anne. Anne is a girl who you will never forget and is always on your mind. She is the kind of girl that drives you crazy when she's not with you, because you always want to be with her.
Anne is a friend of Tyler, she is very fun to be around.
by yarghhhh January 08, 2011
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This girl is the ultimate definition of a SEXY BEAST! Too hot to handle and too cool to care.
Boy : Wow look at that girl, she's such a sexy beast!
Girl : Dam there goes Anne, I wish I was her.
by You'll never know..... June 01, 2014
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A tall young lady with hair that changes color on a regular basis. Whenever she sees something slightly amusing, she bursts into convulsions of laughter that involve her shaking like she's about to explode, stamping her feet on the floor and pointing to the thing that she finds so hilarious. You can find Ann in her natural habitat, where she will be in a booth usually surrounded by people. You can pick her out of the crowd with her signature catchphrase "fuck my life". But when you get too close you are in danger of her throwing things such as World History textbooks at you or using umbrellas to forcefully hit you in various uncomfortable places, although most times she will simply sprawl across you and decide that moving would simply take too much work. The Anne, though, is a very kind and loving creature, with an impeccable sense of finding fun and adventure, and most who meet her love her to death, and I am no exception.
by muslimprincess January 29, 2009
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Any female with the ability to butcher others simply by looking at them. Evilly.
"Why is Joe hemorraging on the floor?"
"It was Anne. She disapproved of his actions and subsequently butchered him with her knife gaze."
by JiggsNibbly February 05, 2010
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A bright talented young lady. One who likes to constantly change her looks, be it with her hair color, fashion choices or make-up. Ambitious, loveable, kind, caring. Not into your every day things, Anne tends to love zombies, horror films and men with facial hair. Not one for the party scene, Anne loves the Straight Edge life style. Anne does have a temper, but it's one that you hardly ever see. Anne over all is a great person, who loves to help out whenever she can.
boy #1 "hey did you see Anne over there?"
boy #2 "WOW! That's Anne!? I didn't recognize her with her new hair color"
by XANNEXLouiseX July 25, 2010
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