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Bionomial Nomenclature: (Annamalus Nomstorus) A fierce and mysterious omnivore indigenous to North America. This creature has a constant hunger for bacon and preys on another very rare beast known as the Dragpo (a dragon-hippo-hybrid that eats the sadness in your head). Some say the Annamal has been known to eat hairy legs, although no one truly knows why.
Dale: "Did you hear that? Sounded like trouble in the Dragpo den!"
Hank: "Dear god, i feel sad all of a sudden! That damned Annamal Nomster ate my last Dragpo! Quickly Dale, we have to shave our legs."
Dale: "Oh sweet beetle juice, its gona eat me, ITS GONA EAT MY HAIRY LEGS!"
by YOUKNOWWHOITBE November 24, 2011
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