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(V) to be made fun of, carried. Used when a witty remark has been made, causing vomit-inducing embarrassment.

Derived from basketball lingo: When a player is faked-out by a good move, his ankles are broken.
Yo, did you see Bobby trying to get that girls number? He got anked.. She gave him a 1-900 number instead.
by Adam-Theo December 14, 2005
4 12
When you are naked but keep your socks on.
"Dude i'm naked." "Do you have socks on?" "Yeah." "You're anked."
by dynodave October 10, 2009
15 2
to be awesome, sick, nasty
wthat shot from half court was so anked
by domepiecesonn December 01, 2010
2 3