generally hitting on a friend's sister or a friend's to be girlfriend.
One who eats lots of rice and drinks lot of milk.
Usually smells people like jaimin
This guy is so anish
People like anish rule the world of puppies
by sapan April 26, 2008
To be Indian
To be greasy
To be skinny and hairy and everything nice.
To be rich in Habbo
Man that guy is so anish.
What an anish
by Andres Murray November 03, 2007
Male individual with receeding hair line, and enlarged nasal passages. Often found creeping on young unattractive women in a public setting, under the influence of alcohol.
Look at Anish, he's creepin' on that girl again!

Whoa, Anish is a creeper.
by KillaBeez45677 July 20, 2008
An Indian man with a very creepy and perverted mind who believes in non-committed relationships and hitting on any girl and her friends who talks to him. Warning: may become angry when rejected!

Tends to have strange habits, likes and dislikes.

Best avoided at all times.
Girl 1) I saw Anish today and he pestered me for sex...again!
Girl 2) Oh my god! He did that to me too yesterday...
Girl 3) Me too, the dirty scumbag
Girl 1, 2 & 3) Ewwwwww!!!
by Amanda Hugenkiss 554 January 01, 2011
(v.) to over-hype something; to exaggerate excessively

(n.) a brown, round-shaped form, commonly found making appearances in the TV show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

(adj.) lame, homo-sexual, annoying, out of context
person A: "hey dude, did you go to that party?"

person B: "yea man, it was soooo sick! there were like 10 kegs, 5 strippers, a donkey, and jerry garcia! man, i was soooo wasted, i blacked out and hooked up with this totally hot chick!"

person A: "dude, that party was totally dead. why do you you gotta ANISH it?"

"were you watchin adult swim last night? man, ANISH was hilarious when he pissed off frylock and turned himself into a bowling ball to get away."

"man, that party was sooo ANISH."
"broke-back mountain was really ANISH."
"i've got this mosquito bit on my ass and it starting to get ANISH."
"stfu Donny, you're ANISH."
by B.P. Runkle December 02, 2009
someone who is both Asian and Spanish, with more Asian background (unlike Spasian, who is both Asian and Spanish, with more Spanish background)
I'm 3/4 Korean and 1/4 Mexican, so that makes me Anish.
by RoRoTheTenor August 04, 2007
1. A women with lopsided breast
I saw an anish and it really turned me off!!!
by Zachary Pertrofsky May 16, 2006
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