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(An-ee-mo) A individual who participates in activities that involve japanese culture and animation (anime) and also wears mostly black clothing, including but not limited too trips pants(see trips), fish net arm bands, an excessive amount of chains, and anime paraphernalia. An important aspect of an animo circle is the excessive amount of sexual promiscuity among members of the group. Despite common belief animos DO "get action", although all the animos in the group are all banging each other. Most commonly found in a group of three or more anemos, or alone in corners. Groups most likely to be found in after school clubs (not involving sports).
Man 1: Hey man there is a bunch of kids in weird black clothing playing Naruto in the hallways.

Man 2: Oh yeah, those are animos, i found that out on that great website,, you should go there.
by Scott Richwine February 14, 2008
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Participation in an activity showing excessive crazyness. The act of not caring the consequenses nor what it reaps. To go all out, full force. To be wild and crazy
James and Suggs are Animo while drinking crown royal. They drink it like its water. They are Animo.
by kmakmakma November 06, 2012
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An-E-Mo: The Japanese kids who don't talk to no one in school or in public. They just read their Japanese comic books all day long.
Jeff: Hey Kim Jong Il, your an animo, put down your gay comic and do something else!
Kim Jong Il: Puck you you pucking pale face!
by gustavo hornastico May 07, 2006
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A Spanish slang word usually only used by Mexicans that means "later", "late" or "see ya!" Used before leaving someone's presence as you depart.
Paco: "Whatchoo need my friend?"
Sean: "Just two balloons, just chiva, no white."
Paco: "Aight, here ya go. Animo pues!"
by DownstemJordan December 14, 2007
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An'uh-mo - previously known as 'Dork'. Probably one of the coolest bands you'll ever hear. As a group, they have performed at every show on the vans warped tour in the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and are presently completing their fifth year on the tour.
seriously, they're bad-ass.
#1: dude, who was that band that we saw that---

#2: that what? rocked our fucking balls and/or faces off? that was animo. check out their myspace, bitch.
by toast9897 August 19, 2008
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