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A language spoken when one is absolutely seething with rage. Angrish is very difficult to translate, as it mostly contains random gibberish.
Guy 2: Woah, what the hell kind of a language is that?
Guy 3: It's Angrish, I think. I wonder what he's so mad about..
by The Thing with the Stuff September 17, 2013
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Of Irish decent, Angrish people are known for their quick tempers and associations with the Catholic church. Generally the life of the party, Angrish people really know how to have a good time. But, don't get on their bad side, Angrish people know how to fight! It may be safer to avoid them all together.
John: Dude, what's wrong with your uncle? He's totally ripping that kid a new one!

Jake: Oh. He's Angrish. You should've seen him at Kildare's the other night! He almost strangled the bartender for cutting him off.

John: Wow. I'm never going to mess with Angrish people.

Jake: Yeah, they are pretty unstable.
by Achilles Master January 25, 2011
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