A very outgoing person She's fun, crazy, smart, nice & funny. She's sometimes a handful, She always has her friends & familys back no matter what, don't ever fuck with Angelina because she'll fuck you up 10x worse. She's hella cool to hang with & is with the shit, Angelina always speaks her mind but she can be shy at times. She don't give a fuck what people think of her she's her own person & lives her life to the fullest. Angelina is a down ass female who knows what's up & is real. She loves to partyy too. Angelina got #swagg<3 (=.
Guy#1: Ayye did you see Angelina damn she hella bad.
Guy#2: Hell yea she is, what i would do to make her my gf.
Girl:Angelina is a crazy ass girl i love her though:)<3
by Lil A#10 November 23, 2011
Top Definition
A very funny, outgoing, smart, pretty, crazy, and at moments a "blond" per say. She loves everything about life and lives it to the fullest, she also loves to argue and knows how to get her way. She's a great friend when you need her, and if you're not nice to her, then she won't be mean to you, she'll just smile and blow it off. She's so pretty and sweet. And Angelina is someone who is so envolved in her friends and family and would do anything for them. She's so beautiful too. If she's having a bad day, you'll know it, she will get snappy and mean but she's easy to forgive.
My best friend is Angelina
by iknowwhatimtalkingabout1 September 18, 2011
Not arguably the most beautiful girl to ever live. Person to be exact. She has the ability to make life seem more tender and her love has the ability to make your love grow. Her presence is said to bring a comfort to your being like nothing else could. Every piece to her puzzle and every page to her story is very important to the make up of Angelina and each is ever very interesting. One could never stop reading once started, unless they didn't know how to read. Also known as Rosey.
I nearly crashed as I was crossing the intersection when I saw Angelina walking.

Wow I thought the world sucked till I met Angelina.

If you understand you would do anything for Angelina.

Vince loves Angelina.
by Newmeaning October 15, 2013
A girl who is always ready to new adventures. She is very energetic, has an active and decisive personality. For her, a life without challenges isn't funny.

Anglina's are leader by nature, attracts other people with her enthusiasm. But it is important to be careful and not become a stubborn person.
Girl 1: look its Angelina!

Girl 2: he is so energetic!

Girl 3: his girlfriend is so lucky!
by Kellen18 February 20, 2013
Angelina is a perfect girl she usually shy at first but once she gets to know people she goes wild she a party animal and knows fashion when she sees it every girl wants to be her but she's not only perfects she kíńd Shes there for u when u need her and when Somone is being a bully she'll stand up for u , another thing is that all the boys want Angelina but she's a hard one to get I wish I had an Angelina she's perfect !!
*hey u see that girl over there Angelina she perfect

Ya ik I wish I was her *
by Angelina is a perfect girl OMG April 06, 2015
Angelina's are funny, crazy, outgoing, and beautiful. She treasures all her friends and loves every single person she knows. Girls love her and guys want her.
Girl 1: There's Angelina!
Boy 1: I think im in love with her...
by emojisrlife May 10, 2015
some associate it with Jersey Shore's Angelina, thus making Angelina mean a "huge stluddy bitch", but there is one out there who has the definition of "a beautiful hardass working woman who can simultaneously do your taxes while kicking some punks ass; also a future Olympic star" with the synonym of Angelina being "Into the Wild", the etimology of which being that Angelina smells amazing. The definition could go on to sing more praises, but due to the constraints of this dictionary, we'll keep it short
"Hey Angelina, could you help me with my mortage bond investments?"
"Certainly, lemme just finish jacking up this dbag on the rugby field, meet you in 10"
by DrG152 September 05, 2011

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