Angela's are beautiful, smart, gorgeous, nice, caring, loving, and just overall super amazing in every way possible. They're always the sweetest they can be with everyone. They listen to you if you need to vent and they're always there for you, no matter what. Unless, of course, you happen to piss off an Angela. When you unleash the beast deep inside an Angela, you'll regret it. Angela's are the most amazing friends you could ever ask for and more. If you happen to be lucky enough to meet an Angela, don't you EVER let her go. She will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
Person 1: Angela's so nice! I'm so glad I met her!
Person 2: Dude, I know! She's the most amazing person ever! She's super gorgeous too!
by 777clones July 01, 2011
Good to the whim, Sexy and super sweet. You have never had anything good as when you eat at Angela's. An Angel sent from heaven above with the gift of passion and love. A giver, never a taker who loves to chat. Friends of friends want to be her friend because of her outgoing nature.
When the day is sweet and the smell of chocolate and cake hinder, You will always have Angela on your mind
by Bella Princepessa February 04, 2010
Inhumanly beautiful, possibly inhuman. An Angela looks through people to their most secret parts, and finds her way into your soul whether you like it or not. The root of Angela is 'Angel', although most Angelas are not angelic. Angelas enjoy music and reverie above all things, and because of this, Angelas are sometimes regarded as the bringers of misfortune to the innocent, like sirens or mermaids.
Beware, ye sailors and adventurers on the sea, for when ye hear the sweet music of love and pleasure on the wind, an Angela has cast her spell, and shall drown thee in her charms for ever and ever. Yarrrr.
by peanutsizzle February 04, 2010
The best word to describe an Angela is probably awesome. Angelas are also probably the most trustworthy people you will ever meet. They will almost never repeat a secret. However, Angelas tend to be secretive about their plans, investments, and crushes. As their name suggests, once you get to know an Angela, they are very angelic. Angelas are often sensitive, caring, stubborn and just fun to be around. Try not to get an Angela mad, you will regret it. Also, Angelas tend to go well with guys starting with the letter T, such as Tristan.
Person 1: "Tell me who you like!"
Person 2: "Of course she wouldn't! She's an Angela."
Person 1: "Right. I knew that."
by diamondpals June 12, 2010
The most beautiful woman in the world whom I could not live without
My Angela
by Shirty2009 February 09, 2010
Beautiful wife that is loved very much by her husband
Angela wife
by codzep February 04, 2010
A girls name;
She is the most beautiful girl on the planet and has the best personality. She still is haunted by her past mistakes, but one day they will be nothing but a bad memory. She likes raccoons and bear cubs, and she is a sucker for piano. If you know what it is like to win this girls heart, then you will be able to die happy.
Alice: Do you know who Angela is?

Brad: Yes, and one day I will marry her. I know it.
by DeltaTheChange July 05, 2011

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