After one feciates, there is a lack of residue of poop leaving their toilet paper or whiping material completely clean.

Espically good when pooping outside
It was okay that the bathroom ran out of toilet paper, I had an angel poop anyway.
by Princess Amy SMILE January 19, 2013
Top Definition
something or someone explosively cute,warm & fuzzy or yummy.
WOW...That little white Persian kitten is pure Angel Poop!

Oh my gosh, those white chocolate Godiva truffles are so yummy, just like Angel Poop!
by LycanthropiaChic December 15, 2009
Upon the conclusion of the bowl movement, one reaches to remove the inevitable poop material, only to find the toilet paper, as if by divine intervention, is pure white or nearly white.
"Angel poops save time and paper"
by Andrew Bush December 27, 2005

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