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A term referring to an individual for his brilliance and his proven track record. A legend in the field of business and history.
He is the next Angad.
by BobDA GREAT July 21, 2006
when two souls meet.
Angad usually has a romantic connotation i.e meeting of two lovers be it humans or animals.
by Angad Singh June 30, 2006
Being in such a state of intoxication that all you can do is look down on everyone.
"Did you see Anga last night? She was Anga'd again"
by Sidney_Shaw November 22, 2012
Angad also Angod
Pronounciation: 'än-'gäd

1. (noun) Angod, Chile, located in Chile, South America. 34° 0' 53 South Latitude, 70° 55' 30 West Longitude

2. (noun) Angadia, located in the North Pacific Ocean, 19° North Latitude, 158° East Latitude

3. (noun/adjective) An Angadish person

4. (noun) An Arabic name
1. Welcome to Angod, Chile!
2. Welcome to Angod the country!
3. Angadia is filled with Angod people!
4. That Angadish is Angod Al-Mubwabundi!
by Ashwal Pjabunti November 03, 2006
You can obviously tell by the top three results that people with the name Angad have some serious self-esteem problems and feel the need to raise myths about how amazing their sex lives are on UD.
To compensate for his 2.3 in penis and virginity, Angad felt it necessary to write about the sex life of others as his own and share it with the world, just to show his friends that he didn't suffer from micropenis.
by Kumar.Gupta July 11, 2011
A term used to refer to how much something smells.
Eg 1:
"Ugh that smells like angad"

Eg 2:
"What's that smell?"
"Probably angad."
by Yaziyo May 06, 2006
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