A no life little boy who won't talk crap in person, only on social media. He is also thirsty for drama and likes to make irrelevant comments about perfect girls.
Andy is a pinto.
by Mmt53 May 09, 2015
a complete and utter sarcastic twat, thinks hes funny but really isn't, hurts girls without realising the extent of his actions, secretly gay with his closest friend.
andy is such a player
by bina998 April 16, 2015
a sleepy bum that can sleep in all circumstances, socially awkward, sexually attractive and has a devious smile that creeps everybody until they get goosebumps everywhere
Stop being an andy, you are creeping me out.
by J0123 November 18, 2012
My awesome Prom Date who likes pudding and playing 20 questions.
Who you going to Prom with?
by Bojangles1957 April 22, 2010
A redneck who has an abnormal obsession with tractors.
That guy is a andy because he likes tractors.
by Nutty tips January 27, 2015
Jerks, who will just leave you without any explanation. Then after the rip your heart out they will move on to the next girl in line. Leaving you wondering if they ever really cared about you at all. STAY AWAY FROM
OMG and Andy, jerk
by pizzamuncher March 30, 2011
A very tall typically male being.
Often has giant hair and large feet.
May be talented at things such as drumming and shaking bananas.
An Andy may be extremely random and like to create his own language.
'Woah, look at that afro playing the drums!'
'Yeah, what a total Andy.'
by The all seeing all knowing one April 03, 2010
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