A boy that looks like a character from a Dr. Seuss book.
Hey did you see that guy? He is such an andy. He looks like he just popped out of Horton Hears a Who.
by andyisfatt July 03, 2009
To interrupt something via divine intervention.
I hope that guy gets what's Andy to him and get run over by a car.
by Not_SEGA July 04, 2009
Biggest fucking dickhead ever. Likes to suck dick and take it up the ass. Also enjoys cake smeared all over his body and wrapped in plastic wrap. Will fuck anything when drunk even if its a cow. Enjoys shopping at Baby Gap for tiny hats, and IKEA. Future plans are to be eaten by Mike Curtis, reference Cannibalism, if not he will be a poor, mentally challenged, college dropout, hobo. Oh also a failure at hockey.
Dude I pulled a Andy last night and fucked that fat chick while I was slightly inebriated.
by Rake Phart April 09, 2010
Synonym for biggest douchebag around. He is the guy who will tell your gf anything you do and will tell her she can do better. Mind you this is supposed to be your buddy. He make Liberace appear straight with some of the gay stuff he pulls. Usually has a beard and a weight problem. He is also scared of school children because they throw stuff in the classroom. Also will not have sex with his gf, most likely because of small penis
Yo, my buddy just told my girl about the other girl I met at a party. He was a typical Andy.
by rod cardhart February 05, 2010
An Andy is and Indian guy that has changed his name to be more americanized. He's usually gay.
Person 1: Hey whats with that guy having a dot on his head?

Person 2: Oh, hell yeah thats gay guy is an Andy.
by TRAXO February 05, 2010
a guy that is so fierce with fabulous hair and an addiction to neon colored clothing
He is so Andy it's crazy.
by Ferocia Coutura April 21, 2008
A gay male that enjoys drinking cum from a dog dish

Has an anime fetish and never does his homework
A: Are you gonna hang out with Andy tonight?
B: Nah, that kids such a loser, who'd hang out with him


A: Let's go beat up Andy
B: The loser? Sure
by Noola January 03, 2010

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