taking a shit at a party on accident and all your friends see you doing it. Pretty much the worst day of your life.
That guy at the party last night pulled an andy. He shit in his pants right in front of everyone there. Kid's day was ruined.
by thehatinthecat August 12, 2011
A very tall typically male being.
Often has giant hair and large feet.
May be talented at things such as drumming and shaking bananas.
An Andy may be extremely random and like to create his own language.
'Woah, look at that afro playing the drums!'
'Yeah, what a total Andy.'
by The all seeing all knowing one April 03, 2010
A Brazilian/Puerto-Rican twat, that loves dick in his mouth, usually gay, he goes for big black man and LOVES shaving their pubic hair off so that he may use it to stick it up his butt. He gets boners from teletubbies, and masterbates too kittens, he makes holes in watermelons so he can insert his shlong and cum in the watermelon then eat it, andys are also tall and hairy, they listen to rap , and suck at basketball, they also love stick barbie outfits up their nose and crying to their mommies, generally, andies are FAGS .
person 1: yunno that kid andy?
person 2: the one that masterbates too kittens?
person 1: yeah
person 2: oh, yeah he's a fag
by YouAreGayAndy August 01, 2011
A funny and humble guy. A guy who likes to act homosexual and be homosexual. Often know the language Java and scripts for games like Runescape. Hangs on IRC, often on the network StrictFP. His mentors name is Polyurethane. Andy loves his mentor.
Hey you see Andys new script?!
Yeah man, it's fukkin awesome.
Yeah I know, I made shittons of gepee from it.
Fuck yeah!
by Polyurethane July 27, 2011
is secretly extremely girly and asks his girlfriend to pick out his clothes and straiten his hair. but has to hawk the occasinal loogie to seem more manly.
Matt: Hey man i don't know what to wear for this concert tonight, and my hairs a mess.
Alex: No worries, ill call Andy to help.
by Feminist Babe August 28, 2010
adj. defines a girl with too many sexual issues. is often expected to give blow jobs to random people.

noun. an andy is a wild creatures coming from the Amazons and are easily recognized from other creatures by its enormous bush and some scientists have noticed that these creatures have a natural instinct to reproduce which makes them hump every single thing they are able to see
wow...i cant believe you were such an andy last night, i hate you!

i have to make a research paper for science based on andy
by hellisnearendoftimes June 18, 2010
Verb: to go home from college, get drunk with your old friends, hop in ur truck to get home, go barreling down the road, forget to turn at the end (since you're so drunk) and slam into a concrete median, immediately totaling your truck, losing your license for a year, and having to get a blow-n-go when you finally get your license back. you must also inherit your older sister's honda to replace your ballin chevy.
man, i screwed up... i got my andy on.
by crackeels February 02, 2010

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