A person who uses an obscene amount of crystal meth. Also commonly known as a tweaker. An Andy can be identified by the craters and picked at bumps on it's face or body. Andy's can't help making quick, violent jerks with their bodies because of all the meth that is pumping through their veins.
Person 1: " Hey, you want to do some of this meth with me?!"

Person 2: " No way dude! That stuff will turn you into a Andy"
by WhatDoesThe9Say January 16, 2014
Street term for the prescription drug adderall
"hey can I come pick up Andy from you?". Or "have you been hangin out with Andy tonight?"
by Ramsak January 21, 2012
taking a shit at a party on accident and all your friends see you doing it. Pretty much the worst day of your life.
That guy at the party last night pulled an andy. He shit in his pants right in front of everyone there. Kid's day was ruined.
by thehatinthecat August 12, 2011
on the chubby side (non-athletic)
a narcissist, obsessed with things related to airsoft and video games, a masochist, pretty annoying, not that smart, has no contact with females except with family and one girl from skool
but even if that girl is his girlfriend, he doesnt treat her as well as he should
dude, wat the hell? such an andy...
by vocaloidwin June 28, 2011
A sneaky baby Kangaroo. Akin to a Joey's bad brother.
Oye! Look a' that Andy...
by PiLFy December 31, 2010
A person who blocks everyone on twitter, even people who have never interacted with him.


Man, that guy pulled an Andy on me!

Lol nobody likes that Andy guy.
by cargalito March 17, 2013
To pull an Andy is to purpously headbutt something extremely hard, most of the time resulting in extreme head injury, memory loss, or destruction of the object.
He pulled an Andy on that lamp post and now hes got some kind of brain damage.
by Smoof April 07, 2008
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