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Often a name or term which is applied to a God, or someone who shows godly traits.
"Your so andy at this game."
by John Smith II August 06, 2006
1521 999
A person who uses an obscene amount of crystal meth. Also commonly known as a tweaker. An Andy can be identified by the craters and picked at bumps on it's face or body. Andy's can't help making quick, violent jerks with their bodies because of all the meth that is pumping through their veins.
Person 1: " Hey, you want to do some of this meth with me?!"

Person 2: " No way dude! That stuff will turn you into a Andy"
by WhatDoesThe9Say January 16, 2014
4 8
to have relations with a woman and swiftly lock her out after the deed is finished.
yeah, it's a shame she won't be back cause of the andy he pulled.
by d.ray. November 19, 2010
16 19
a sleepy bum that can sleep in all circumstances, socially awkward, sexually attractive and has a devious smile that creeps everybody until they get goosebumps everywhere
Stop being an andy, you are creeping me out.
by J0123 November 18, 2012
1 5
Street term for the prescription drug adderall
"hey can I come pick up Andy from you?". Or "have you been hangin out with Andy tonight?"
by Ramsak January 21, 2012
3 7
A talented singer/songwriter, beautiful hair,gorgeous face,funny as eff!!, well proportioned,stylish human being!! : ) ; The Shit basically !!
Andy is awesome! ; Andy is often imitated NEVER duplicated!!
by MCC2012 January 10, 2012
8 12
Strong, normally pale guy. Hes very tall normally and has a great sense of humor.
Andy? oh yeah hes texting mackenzie.
by Maccckkerrs. August 08, 2011
5 9
on the chubby side (non-athletic)
a narcissist, obsessed with things related to airsoft and video games, a masochist, pretty annoying, not that smart, has no contact with females except with family and one girl from skool
but even if that girl is his girlfriend, he doesnt treat her as well as he should
dude, wat the hell? such an andy...
by vocaloidwin June 28, 2011
10 14