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1. Anyone who has sexual leanings towards males.

From the greek 'andros' meaning "man", and the latin 'sexualis' meaning "relating to sex"

The distinction androsexual/gynosexual can be contrasted with distinction heterosexual/homosexual. Rather than refering to the relative gender of the object of attracting (other/same), it refers to it directly (male/female).

One might consider the case where one undergoes a sexchange; if the object of attraction doesn't change, then the orientation in terms of hetero-/homosexual does change, which is somewhat peculiar.

2. Anyone who has sexual leanings toward androgynes.

Referring to anyone who has a sexual preference toward anyone who may class themselves as non-gendered, genderneutral, agendered, between genders, intergendered, bigendered,"pangender' or genderfluid.

This is in a sense similar bisexuality.
1. John, as it turned out, wasn't a homosexual; after his sexchange he still liked men, ergo he was an androsexual.

2. John, who prefered to be known as Josephine and thought of himself as bigender due to his body, had an androsexual girlfriend who prefered feminine men.
by Wolnixer January 03, 2010
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