An anchor is usually– but not exclusively– that super awkward guy that nobody likes or that fugly two-ton birth-defect of a grenade with an obnoxious personality, who try to “tag on.” The anchor makes it impossible to get in anywhere and frequently misses the hint that he/she/it is not welcome.

The bro version of an anchor is the guy who throws off the girl/guy ratio just enough to keep you from getting into frats. His laugh is choppy, piercing, and poorly timed. Hey douche, go wack off to anime. Guys if you're reading this and can't relate, you're it. Sorry.

There are several types of women anchors. First, the typical grenade. Fucked up hair, corn teeth, like a character from The Hills Have Eyes, ya dig? Second is the girl who is slightly too ugly to fuck who takes 4 hours getting ready and then cockblocks you the entire night. Third is the clingy alcoholic twig who blacks out after 3 shots. Consequently your night is ruined, especially after she ralphs on your Ralph Lauren jeans. Always an easy fuck, never a good decision. Gross.

Anchors are constantly holding you down. They always seem to be leaving the building simultaneously, are never a contributing factor toward your fun, and would shrivel up and die if ripped from the leach-like grasp they've sank into your nuts for social-life-support. In any anchor situation, you want to treat them like an actual anchor– by tying a rope around their neck and throwing them off the side of a boat.
Bro 1: Bro I wanna get fucked up tonight but that creepy pre-med douche and his fat friend Peggy are trying to tag.

Bro 2: Two anchors!?!? Fuckkkkk... and I'll bet tubby is gonna wanna take pictures.
by SWinSU October 21, 2010
A female so obese, she could easily anchor a cruise liner.
Dude, did you see that anchor? Her lung capacity must be astounding, being underwater days at a time!
by doodie4 April 06, 2010
When your poop has so much iron in it that when you get up and look at it, it already slid all the way down the toilet.
Guy #1: "Dude, it felt like a gnarly turd, but when I got up, there wasn't anything in the toilet..."

Guy #2: "Bro, that's what you call an 'anchor'."
by Justin Case Youwerewondering March 15, 2012
A particularly stodgy shit that wont leave your arse. The type produced after eating food at a German Beer Keller.
Jeez, that Eisbeinesse last night, it must have left Nick with quite an anchor. I heard him int early hours puffing and panting in the lav. It must have been so painful to release, but when it did, it went with quite a splash.
by Streaker30 August 14, 2009
A person who is not quite a tourist, but not a local. Often used to describe a person who owns property in a vacation area and lives there for a season.

They are aware of local customs and frequently curse those damn out-of-towners.

This is common in beach-side towns in the summer
Nicole only lives here for the summer- she's an anchor.

Nicole: damn tourists don't know where they're goin! GET OFF THE ROAD
by Sasha Rain August 09, 2009
A person who can slow down an entire group.
A person who requires constant help or attention from some one else.
What an anchor! She helled up an entire line at the check out for no reason.
That gut is such an anchor. He made us all wait half an hour so he could go kill a badger.
I do not want to bring Dave any where. He is such an anchor. A short trip takes all day with him.
by TFT1974 March 25, 2007
Verb: To cover a "floater" with an additional length of toilet paper in order to make it flush.

Noun: A length of toilet paper strategically layered on top of a "floater" so that the next flush will drag it down.
V. I had to anchor a three-flush floater to finally get it to go down.
N. Sometimes you just need a good anchor to drag down stubborn floaters.
by Scoddy71 November 22, 2014

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