Verb: To cover a "floater" with an additional length of toilet paper in order to make it flush.

Noun: A length of toilet paper strategically layered on top of a "floater" so that the next flush will drag it down.
V. I had to anchor a three-flush floater to finally get it to go down.
N. Sometimes you just need a good anchor to drag down stubborn floaters.
by Scoddy71 November 22, 2014
when you suck horribly at beerpong
wow, I haven't made a cup, I'm the anchor of this team
by mrs. hardy April 21, 2010
Something that stops a group cuz its important.

Dave: "Hey man why are we stopping?"

St3ve: "Oh, lesbo Jenny stopped to see the huge topless cheerleader parade with the free drinks and the Piper planes crashing on purpose to make the audience laugh over there, that's a real anchor isn't itOH MY GOD!!!" *RUNS LIKE SHIT*
by Trigonometrium October 18, 2007
Noun. Brakes.(On a car)
"I slammed the anchors on and hit my head on the steering wheel."
by Dylan H. February 14, 2005
Refering to a mans body hair style, the anchor goes across the chest, down from the neck and around up the arse crack completing the shape of an anchor.
Does your boyfriend have lots of body hair?
Yeah hes got an anchor.
by Rob n Emma January 28, 2008
Answering the Needs of Citizens w/ Handicaps thru Organized Recreation.

A camp for children and adults w/ special needs and handicaps, such as Downs Syndrome, autism, and much much more.

One of the happiest places you'll ever be in.

Campers wear red, volunteers wear blue, staff wear white, and young adults wear green.

Its really awesome, and everyone wants to go, and people who dont are really jealous.

Camp during the summer is def the best.
ANCHOR is my favorite way to spend the summer.
by KTrain and BR July 26, 2005
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