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this girl is a very fun and energetic person. always fun to be around and has a great sense of humor. she is one of the prettiest girls youll ever meet and is kind hearted and very forgiving. she has a great sense of style and great taste in music. she can be very violent at times but she can control herself. she always thinks she is ugly but gets lots of compliments from both guys and girls. she knows how to handle herself very well and dont talk behind her back coz if she ever finds out she can tare your social life apart and make it living hell.
girl1: anastacia has a good sense of style
girl2; i kneow!
girl1; i wish i could be an anastacia
by stazy123 March 30, 2011
1. A dead Russian Princess who was kidnapped
2. An adorable child who is very quiet
3. The answer to the mathematical problem of Penguins x Rope - Nightshade + Wooden shoes divided by Apple Pie.
1. That really cool musical cartoon was about Anastacia
2. Awww.. That little girl in the corner is an Anastacia...
3. Wow. My math teacher flipped her lid, she thought the answer was fried green tomatoes, but it was actually Anastacia
by Sara Bailey October 22, 2007
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