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A swift and forceful insertion of one's tongue into another's anus.
That bitch is so damn fine that I just want to run up behind her, lift up her skirt, sniff her butt, and give her the old anal tongue dart!
by Logan Earth Ski November 02, 2005
to stick ones tongue straight into anothers ass hole and back out quickly. not to be confused with licking the same hole known as a rim job
as I pulled the last love bead out of her ass I slipped her an anal tongue dart for good measure
by themacal November 29, 2006
The act of using your tongue for anal intercourse.
I knew my girlfriend was going down on me, I just didn't know she was going to slip me the anal tongue dart!
by VeritasCaput April 14, 2014
While your partner sticks his or her tongue in your butt you release a fart on the tip of it.
Last night my girl friend gave me a anal tongue dart.
by Frank Mancuso (sleepyc@t) August 08, 2005
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