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more than one nigra
thanks to those nigras and their hip hype style music, the shitty 80s music came to an end
by themacal December 03, 2006
to stick ones tongue straight into anothers ass hole and back out quickly. not to be confused with licking the same hole known as a rim job
as I pulled the last love bead out of her ass I slipped her an anal tongue dart for good measure
by themacal November 29, 2006
a soft wood fairly useless for anything but art and toys
my dad smashed his nuts as he fell through the stairs my mom built with balsa wood
by themacal December 02, 2006
1) self explanatory- a half hard penis. 2)a dummy, a half wit, can't think clearly
1)I got so drunk I couldn't play "hot dogs and doughnuts"with my girl with a half a hard on. 2)that half a hard on is still paying into social security.
by themacal November 28, 2006
a penis smaller than average.
I thought my dick was common until I saw the cooks at the china buffet making special sauce and realized i was half hung like them
by themacal December 02, 2006
the part of the penis that is measurable when hard of- course, between the base of the helmet and sack skin
fortunately I had a full stiffy last night so when I rolled over my penal shaft acting like kick stand kept me from rolling out of the bed
by themacal November 28, 2006
an answer to the question "are you hard"?
I had a semi and the girls were getting impatient as the the shy one tried to sit on my softy she asked "is it ready?" I said "almost suck it"
by themacal December 02, 2006
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