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When a men ejeculates into an anus and he then fucks it again in order to turn it into butter.
I just churned the cream in her ass and I made Anal Butter.
by galacticdonkeyrape June 14, 2010
its the mixture of a lil bit of shit and cum on your dick after you pull out of a chicks ass, that looks a bit like butter.
man i just fucked your sister in the ass and she licked off all the anal butter of my cock
by psychopathic ninja May 24, 2008
The really annoying substance that resides along the greater part of the 12" crack of your ass. It is produced usually on a really really hot day, when you sweat, and wearing some really tight pants. It is a mixture of feces particles (dingle berries), sweat, and dried skin. It leaves a very strange, stinging, and burning sensation around the bunghole... resulting in the need to find a bathroom, ASAP. Upon wiping this "anal butter", brings quite a relief to the area immediately. Will also leave a really nice skid mark on your underwear, which sometimes requires the immediate disposal of the garment, and to just go "commando" for the rest of the day.
Rob: Dude Why you walking like that?

Brah: Man, i dunno... I think i got a bad case of Anal Butter. Can we hit up the starbucks bathroom with the quicks?
by Shady_Ass_Rob September 27, 2011
Were a person of any gender will throuly slap apple butter in the rim if the anus and continue to lick it off with a moist tongue until it's gone
My last girl friend gave the best anal butter.
by $crolten September 08, 2014
When you just take a huge dump, but theres still a bunch of shit in your ass, and you have absolutely no way of getting rid of it besides getting a bunch of toilet paper and scoopin that shit out by hand, which has about the same consistancy as smooth butter.
"What took you so long in the bathroom?"

"I took a little shit, but it turns out there was some anal butter"
by Send Help June 04, 2007
when you shit in someones ass. at least one must be male. a third person is optional. if there is a third person, he/she takes it up the ass while sucking one of the dicks. Kind of like an anal love triangle.
I me and madigan just made some anal butter.
by Mr Legend November 01, 2006
its fuckin diarrhea after your wipe your ass and get shit all over your ass
because i can't beleive its not butter
When in bulgaria, Rasika had bad food and when he took a shit had anal butter!
by WhitePower's November 22, 2006
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