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Pedophile whose real age is 48 but changes it nearly every week. Now claiming to be 16 or so. When losing a fight always has his "mother" come onto his MSN to condem people to hell etc. and tell them they don't believe in God, and demands you use the word fish instead of a "naughty" word.

And once he goes into teh real world from being home school he fucked.

This bastard uses emails such as:
Myself: "Dan you hear about Anakin"
Dan: "What now"
Self: "I said heck and now he demands I say fish"
Dan: "Poor soul... Homeschooling by his mother has ruined that child"
by Master Ian November 11, 2005
1) A character in the Star Wars Trilogie. Is the supreme evil guy who turns into a more evil guy when he puts his dark helmet on.

2) A webmaster of a dutch forum. Sometimes strict but also justified, is the bodyguard of PrincessVegeta. They say his banning is faster then his shadow. But sometimes he's even too nice for SOME people.
1) Luke, i am your darth father

2) Person 1: "Be careful, or Anakin may ban you"
*Person 2 has been banned*
Person 1: "Too late"
by Perfect_Balance August 17, 2005
A nickname often given to someone so incredibly stupid that these inhuman super powers of stupidity must have been granted by the Sith.
"I call Matt...Anakin, because he's the Darth Vader of stupid".
by Stunt January 11, 2005
He is brave, sarcastic, perfect, and strong. His smile is to die for and his laugh could stop the world in its tracks. He is beautiful, in all aspects. A lover of a variety of tv shows and excessive movie marathons, he is sure to find a witty pun to send make you wet your pants. He is put simply, one in a million.

"He sounds really cute."
by growing_pains September 16, 2014