The dimwitted husband of the equally dimwitted Padme Amidala. Was possibly even more whinier than his wife and that was probably the reason why Obi-Wan let him burn slowly and agonizingly at Mustafar. Inside, I bet, Obi-Wan was dancing with viscious glee knowing he had finally got one back at:

1. Qui-Gon Jinn for making him promise to train the stupid brat.
2. Anakin himself for putting up with the brat's shit for over a decade.

Obi-Wan could of easily nuked Anakin out of existence but instead he choose the sadistic path of immolation as his ultimate and final revenge on this sad son-of-a-slave-bitch. Anyway, back to the Galaxy's biggest whinge-bag. Throughout the new trilogy Anakin alternately whines about his life, his mom, his life, his mom, etc. etc. how it is so unkewl he isn't made an uber-l33t Jedi master by the Council blah blah. Padme being the dimwit she is thinks this is Anakin being deep and soulful, and falls in love with him and worst still... has sexxors with him and produces spawn. Yeah, well it is PADME. Anyhow, when Anakin isn't bitching his ass off, he spends his time thinking about how schmexy Padme is and how he desperately would love to hook up with her and make babies. Unfortunately, (perhaps fortunately for him), his pipe dream comes true and we are all forced to witness the worst love scenes ever as a result of this.

At this point, even the viewers are frothing with insane rage at this man or really, over-grown teenage boy. Obi-Wan feeling the audience's pain concocts up some bullshit story about Anakin, feeds it to Padme and watches as their relationship goes downhill so he can finally jump in, slowly and painfully kill the bastard and thus release not only himself but the audience from this horror of a character.

However, despte his lack of intelligence, whinginess and disgusting amounts of Padme fawning, Anakin does happen to possess two tools that work to his advantage. He, like his wife, happens to be in possession of extreme good looks and thus most female Star Wars fan being so dazzled by his good looks forget he is a total dickwad and like Padme disgustingly drool all over him. His second tool is that he turns into Darth Vader. Darth Vader is badass. Darth Vader is awesome. Darth Vader said 'NOOOOOOOO!' and suddenly he isn't so scary anymore. Damn you George Lucas! Or we can all convienently forget about that piece of horrible VA and directing, and focus on the rest of Vader's badassery. Even if we aren't half as scared anymore.
"Anakin is like Padme, all pretty, no filler!"

"Some people say Luke is not Anakin's son. That's wrong, they both share the common trait of whinginess and disgustingly fawning over a girl, this is particularly disgusting when it comes to Luke though."
by Master Tonberry II June 07, 2007
A person who is giving too many fucks about a given subject in relation to the person who does not care.
Jerri: Shut your face agree with me
Kieran: I am sorry Anakin, look at all the fucks I give .. look at them all.
by faramon April 11, 2013
someone who is emo or is acting emo
Whiny male that eventually grows into an angry old man that ends up regrettable and dead in the long run
Someone who acts too big for their britches or acts entitled or if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth..

In reference to how Hayden Christensen portrayed Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 1 and 2
He is such an Anakin..

Way to Anakin that situation dude..

He acted so Anakin about it
You all are a bunch of Anakins!!
by DivaLadyLove November 21, 2010
The most amazing person ever! Will put a smile on your face whenever it's needed or even when you don't. Very caring guy who will treat a girl like she's always dreamed. Adorable(: Can make your heart skip a beat just thinking about him. the perfect one♥
My boyfriend is such an Anakin(:
by One's who's experienced this April 12, 2011
A very romantic handsome young man . He can put a smile on any girls face, which isn't always a good thing .. Everyone needs an Anakin he is sweet and romantic but cool and fun to be around at the same time. What more could you ask for ?
Anakin is so cool
I know right
by Mrstealyagirl May 14, 2014
An emotionally unstable Jedi in StarWars which eventually turned into Darth Vader due to being completely pwnz0red by Obi-Wan. And all this happened for a girl which was about 4 years older than him.
Man, Anakin Skywalker sucks ass, he cries like ALL the time.
by Sirius123 May 08, 2007
Poser from Tatooine. No one really cares about Anakin till he turns into the biggest baddest pimp in the galaxy bitch! AKA Darth Vader. Has the ability to force choke and force lift.
Screw Anakin, Vader is where its at.
by Angus PudGourney June 29, 2005

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