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1. Original stage name of the first AnaLoGMunKy, the forefather of all analogue monkeys.

2. A person who likes analogue noises and loves climbing trees. Commonly seen up trees playing with their knobs and flashy bitz on the synth or drum machine. Likes to eat beans, potatoes and chocolate. Also has a fetish for computer games and smoking weed.
Person 1: Hey, stop! Can you see it?
Person 2: See what?
Person 1: Up there. On that second branch.
Person 2: Oh yes! I should have guessed there was an AnaLoGMunKy around by the wierd music and faint smell of mary jane. Hey, shall we roll a phatty boom batty under the tree and just chill the fuck out while it plays funky beats.
Person 1: Shit yeah! That sounds like a fine plan. Its lucky we live in a world that has AnaLoGMunKy's, otherwise existence would be dull.
Person 2: Amen.
by AnaLoGMunKy August 09, 2010
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