Southern slang, short for animosity. Sometime spelled anna. To have a problem or beef with someone.
You don't want no ana with me.
by Cysubtor May 19, 2008
Not a petname for Anorexia. A cutesey name for self-induced starvation. Most often used by girls on xanga and myspace who don't really have an eating disorder but like to pretend. It's girls who want to shed a few pounds, who post how many calories they consumed that day and how many sit ups they did in order to try asnd prove they are anorexic. Real anorexics struggle with the disease and aren't ust trying to lose a few pounds. Real anorexics aren't proud.
Ana girls think that starvation is beautiful, glamourous, a lifestyle. They're annoying, bitchy, and an insult to any girl who has really struggled with anorexia nervosa.
"Ana" is a friend who "consumes" them who makes them skinny.
Friends with mia girls.
Role Models are the olsen twins and Nicole Richie
a typical ana blog:
xBones R Beauty

Hey Anas. Today was SUCH a binge day.
B: hot water with lemon- negative 50 calories
L: Cold Pizza - 0 calories (cuz its cold.)
D: nothing.

I made myself throw up 6 times. My mom saw and now i'm going to rehab. Ew..FAT!
Total calories- negative 50
I need to go exercise.
AnaIsMyEnemyAndFriend: Hey baby! Love the hipbones! UGhh. Parents are such nazis. 6 purges isn't bad. Try to make it ten a day. ANA LOVE < 3

StarvingAnaGirlxxx: I know you can do it! negative fifty is stil a little high. try making it negative 200 and exercising for 2 hours. Ana&Mia Love <3
by lesharkattaque June 25, 2006
This is the epitome of the perfect girl. Every moment you spend with her will remain etched in your memory. You will have a great day just by saying hello to her! x) She's a friend of gold on who you can always count on. She is always there if you are in need and will every time ascend your moral! She puts heart into her work and gives it completely! She believe sometimes that she won't happen to achieve its goal, but it is only because she forgets that she is talented and smart! She's a totally charming, beautiful and amazing woman. But be careful not to manhandle her feelings and treat her like a princess! Must bring her love and not lie to her! If you ever have the chance to have Ana as a friend, you can be sure she will bring you happiness and joy in your life!
person1: I have a friend unbelievable, she's really perfect, guess her name!
person2: Ana!
by Little sister September 16, 2012
An extremely short and cute species of female. They tend to be good friends with the Evi species. This is due to their unique, yet awesome, view of life and choice of friends. The Ana are known to make people smile. They also tend to be great athletes in sports such as fencing .A beautiful girl, she's never sure of what she wants; hates commitments. There isint a person in the world that doesn't enjoy talking to her. Guys are the main thing in her life, she gets attached easily but can get over a guy in a few weeks. She doesn't like having an "owner" she flies her own way.
Her smile can brighten your day anytime, she is always laughing, and is easily pleased. She always wants what she can't get. She has big expectations, and always expects the unexpected.A very reliable person and a true friend that would always pick you up when you fall.
Ana has always been there for me.
by anaaxx33 July 17, 2011
a short girl.. very cute.. amazing at soccer.. hispanic.. amazing at riding.. cool.. can be wierd.. acts like a McNugget at times but you still love her
bob:my girl is ana
bill: your soooo lucky !!!!!!
by LoCo Beaner July 08, 2011
Short for anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder largely characterized by voluntary starvation and over-exercising.
When Sally feels really fat, she turns to Ana.
by Angie Pangie September 18, 2005
Simply beautiful.
You either wanna be Ana or be with Ana
by analover March 23, 2013

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