The best person ever. The most talented, beautiful woman in the world. I love her. She is the lead singer of Evanescence.
Amy Lee has the most fucking amazing voice ever.
by Amyyourlover November 02, 2005
Evanescence singer who obviously believes she has the right to cut down bands and act like a soloist. She is a commercial artist who's voice is incredibly horrid live and her lyrics are hypocritical to her actions. Sadly, as Albert Campus once stated "Stupidity has a knack of getting its way" and she is seen as a Goddess of the music world by the deaf and pitiful.
So, Amy Lee believes she can stand up next to Simone Simons and Tarja Turunen as a vocalist? Bury me now!
by loyal_liar July 28, 2006
The most arrogant self-centered bitch in all of rock music. Rode Shaun Morgan (Seether)'s dick to become famous and then started cheating on him and badmouthing him, causing him to take up drugs and alcohol. A very talented vocalist, but a shittyhuman being.
Amy lee is a bitch. Who the fuck do you think 'Call me when you're sober' is about?
by Phleeebigeebit. August 19, 2006
An 'Amylee' is the name for a rare character type, similar to a self acclaimed 'indie', but does not aquire quite the right features or interests to be classed as one officially.

For example, they could be caught in the seating area of The 1975's concert, or go along to the Olly Murs concert claiming to only be attending to watch the support act. They usually become excitable when faced with certain topics (such as R&B music or vintage clothing shops) however tend to contradict themselves by welling up at the thought of meeting Gary Barlow. 'Amylee's usually like to take part in charity events (e.g. 10k runs), but unlike a true indie, cannot resist the temptation of a few high fives on the job!
Generally, Amylee's participate in a fair standard of banter, but become defensive when the pars hit home.
Person A: yo look at that girl in the red bomber jacket, she looks propa indie!!

Person B: nah g, she's an Amylee, saw her at the Take That concert last week and she started cryin when they played Greatest Day!
by Bantermac May 14, 2015

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