An excellent indie rock/emo band from the 1990s, fronted by Mike Kinsella (of Owen).
Stephen: "My favorite emo band? Definitely I Hate Myself."

Bob Nastanovich: "No way, dude. American Football takes the cake."
#emo #indie #football #owen #pavement
by entrancetheory April 22, 2013
a crappy and frankly, mind numbingly boring sport that only fat-shit Americans play because they lack the athleticism and skill of Rugby or Football(soccer).

fans are typical dull witted Neanderthals with beer bellies that dont understand what a proper sport it. fans typically love to brag about "how big and mean Ray Lewis" is but noone buys it. i would love to see Ray Lewis get run the fuck over by Pierre spies of South Africa.

Americans love to give their teams some special patriotic meaning but and to hype up their status such as "world champions" and all but not a single person gives a shit about American Football outside of the US.
typical American Football Supporter: wow look at this guy! he has been able to run for a whole 10 seconds! AMAZING!

decent human being: the fuck man?
#patriots #ray #lewis #american #footbal #l neanderthals
by Springbok lover December 18, 2009
The pussy sort where fat and ugly men get a chance to play with balls and touch each other! Also it isn't unknown for football players to get on top of each other!
Fat Guy: Dude, do you play american football?

Cool Guy: No, I'm not gay and i can run for more than 5 seconds.
#football #american #sucks #gay #ass #pussy #losers
by soccerguy May 10, 2008
the most sped sport in the world, where you see fat man wearing 50 pound pads running around for 5 seconds at a time, and they still manage to break a sweat.
I saw a play in american football last for over 4 seconds!
No way dude!
#fat #sped #stupid #football #america
by lfc319 June 17, 2015
Grown men who think they are cool because they weigh 300 pounds, dressed in tights, jumping on top of each other, trying to get football through two posts.
Person 1: Man, lets watch some American Football!
person 2: No, those are just idiots dressed in tights. Lets watch some soccer instead.
#man #tights #idiots #cool #grown
by circular orbiting sphere February 07, 2010
Huge blokes running around in tights with a shitload of armor.

The pads are apprently used to protect 300 lb men from 300 lb men. Seems silly really. Whats the difference between that and a 200lb men hitting 200lb men. They seem to pull it off downunder in that AFL game and rugby.

Somehow named "Football" when the entire game consists of throwing and tackling with the occasional "Foot to ball" contact.

Game follows a distinct pattern. "4 seconds of gameplay, 30 seconds of ads, 20 seconds of commentators rambling crap... 4 seconds of gameplay" etc etc etc

Seems to collect large crowds of men who would rather watch big men in tights then spend some time having fun with their family.
"Wow did you see that awesome sequence of ads the other day, swear i caught a climpse of men in tights"

"I could help my son with his school project that means something, instead im going to go to "The Game" and drink my self silly with other men who prefer to be away from their loved ones"

"Wow, American Football is very cool, ask Miley Cyrus"
#american football #pads #tampons #men #poo heads
by McLovin/Squeak November 01, 2009
Gay American sport. Bunch of dumbass steroid using fags trying to hump each other while trying to run to the other side of the field. Stops every 10 seconds and lots of subs because the players are too fat to run much.
Look at that steroid jacked dumbass with the pig-skin under that pile of men. He might graduate high school with an D average if he's lucky. It must be an American football.
#american football #football #foot #ball #gay
by Triple Z July 10, 2008
Like an american version of rugby. Less spontaneous but involves more strategy. There are some monsters that play in the game but it seems as if some of the big guys are just trained to do one thing. As for people going on about Ray Lewis and how hard, strong etc he is, its stupid to say which sport (rugby or american football) has bigger players because look at England's Andrew Sheridan for example - weighs 262 pounds (18 odd stone) bench presses 475 pounds - and believe me theres plenty more big guys like him. I would absolutely love to see american football players play rugby and vice versa - i think rugby players would struggle mainly cos of how technical the game is - i also think american footy players would be surprised at how tough the game is - theyd certainly feel the hits - specially in a league game. Its easier to play dirty in rugby union though (ie stamping, punching etc). In reality the games are so different its hard to compare - but what the hell i like rugby - and i reckon its a tougher more intense game to play (both codes - specially league)
US-european fags play soccer and rugby but american football is so tough
english-i think youd find, without the aid of steroids that rugby players are tougher although maybe not as dynamic (some of the NFL guys are amazingly quick and agile etc)
#american #soccer #nfl #rugby #football
by bentothep September 29, 2006
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